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Singapore Trip 2013

“Dreams do come true. You just need to work it out”

This words are perfect for my blog. I love to travel and travelling outside the country will always a dream.  I though at first that I can’t make it but I did. Before I get 21 this year I already made it on my own expenses. I am very proud of myself that all work in my industry will be paid-off. Lets’ just say it also take a courage and perseverance to finally achieve it.  For first timers like me, well, it’s a tough decision especially if you are not prepared enough.

We bought a promo ticket to Singapore last April 2013 via AirAsia for the trip July 25,  2013 06:45hrs ETD (estimated time of departure. It’s a 3D2N stay in Singapore(but our departure will be in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. Sounds exciting right?! We’re going to hit two birds with one stone!). We are very much excited with my colleague, Liway and Allyn, because it’s our first time going outside the country. I know that we will be culture shock so we get advices with our other colleagues who have been there for many times. And to our surprise, they are definitely right.  Below is our adventure from preparations to last day of our Singapore Tour:

DAY 0 (Going to Clark International Airport, Pampanga)

We rode a bus in Manila via Victory Liner. The bus is going to Baguio and our drop – off point was at Dau, Pampanga. Fare is roughly P140 pesos. Travel time is 1 hour (not traffic). There was a lounge there which we occupy for the passengers going to Clark International Airport. They have service shuttle that could offer you directly to Clark Airport. Fare is P100 which kinda expensive for a 10minutes ride. (Haha!) . We arrived at the airport  very early by 2am for our 6:40 flight. Clark Airport is nice. It was small but when we are ready for check-in, I noticed that the process was very smooth. Good thing and good Lord, we passed the immigration process. I’m so relieved. By exactly 6;40, we are now ready to take off.

At Clark AirportBefore Departure in Clark Airport , behind me is Air Asia


We arrived by 9am at Changi International Airport. Whoa! I’m really out of the country. My dream has  finally come true! I’m really happy by that time. Changi Airport is a huge airport and its very luxurious. Good thing our service was already there when we arrived. From airport, we went directly to our hotel in Fort Canning Lodge YWCA. It was a good location because it is very near in Orchard Road, the shopping district in Singapore. Our room is ready so we had an early check -in. Room is clean and comfortable. Fort Canning Lodge is a good accommodation you can find here in Singapore. By 2pm, our service fetch us to Singapore Flyer tour. It is a giant ferris wheel constructed between 2005 and 2008, located  near the shore of Singapore’s Marina Bay. it has 28 airconditioned capsule just like the London Eye. It offers a great view of the whole Singapore. I saw the prestigious Marina Bay Sands, FInancial District, Batam Island Indonesia, and a peek of Malaysia. We ride a giant capsule that can accommodate up to more than 20 passengers each capsule. The view is breath taking. Fare is SGD 18 (P600) per adult. After our Singapore Flyer, we went to Sentosa Island. It is located near Harbourfront in Vivo City. There are lots of attractions, hotels and resorts and also located that infamous Universal Studios. We ate at KFC for only 7SGD(P250). It was okay for us knowing that SIngapore is quite expensive.  The highlight of our tour in Sentosa was the Songs of the Sea. It was a beautiful show. It features pyro techniques, water jets, flame bursts and laser shows. THe show runs twice every evening and can accommodate 2,500 visitors. After that, we went back to hotel. We are very tired but happy. Cant wait for the next day.

2Arriving at Changi International Airport in Singapore

Hewlett-Packardat Singapore Flyer Ticket Post

100_0713Before riding the giant capsule of Singapore Flyer

8 7Huge isn’t it?

6100_0714 100_0728 100_0740Inside the capsule

100_0745 100_0744 100_0721What a great view! (facing Marina bay Sands Hotel and Financial District)

100_0752 12Approaching Sentosa Island

13The infamous Merlion at Sentosa

100_0756While on the bus going to Beach Station

100_0760Two Lovely ladies

100_0764At Merlion Area

100_0787At the Images of Singapore

100_0675Back to hotel. Our room 🙂

100_0804Goodnight Sleepy heads! 🙂


After our sumptuous breakfast in Fort Canning, we had to check out early due to our whole day tour in Universal Studio. We are going to stay at another hotel in Bencoolen Street, Summerview Hotel. We arrived in Universal by early 9am. The theme park usually opens by 10am. Ticket for day pass is SGD 74 per person (P2,500) .  Universal Studio is awesome. Especially the Universal Globe, I wouldn’t miss the chance to have a picture with it. Haha! There are different park layouts of USS like Hollywood, The Lost World, New York, Sci-FI City , Ancient Egypt, Far Far Away, and Madagascar which incorporated to the films of the Universal Studios.  It was all fun. We ride the attractions but the best experience I had so far was the Transformer Ride.  The ride was memorable and I thought my body was shaking , my heart beats faster than ever. Hahaha! Your must try it. It was really amazing! Our whole day stay in Universal Studios wasn’t enough. We haven’t try other rides because we were out of time. We had a dinner appointment with Marina Mandarin Hotel by 7pm. But all in all, the thought was still going back there. 🙂 After going to Marina Mandarin, we had our ample time to buy souvenirs in China Town. You can really buy souvenirs like T-Shirts, bags, key chains ,etc cheaper by SGD 10 (P330).  We had a nice sleep in Summerview Hotel. It was located in Bencoolen near Bugis Junction. Good location for those who wants to stay in City Center.

The Famous Universal Globe

100_0815Me Time! Haha

100_0818 100_0824At the Mummy!


We had an early breakfast in Summerview Hotel. Time for check out too because we are going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We went by 9am in Golden Mile Station. There are lots of buses there where you can purchase your ticket. We planned this tour since we already in SIngapore and it was only a 6 hours ride going to Kuala Lumpur. Coach ticket fare is as low as SGD 30 per person (P990) depends on the type of bus you will avail. My experience in Singapore is amazing.  I will never forget it for the rest of my life. I will definitely go back.


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